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Demo September 2017, Paul Talbot-Greaves - Bold & Dynamic Watercolour

Demo Evening ReportsPosted by Maggie Goodsell Mon, September 25, 2017 09:26AM
Demonstration 5th September 2017 - Bold & Dynamic Watercolours by Paul Talbot-Greaves

Report by Maggie Goodsell

Paul said that he never does the same painting twice & does not practise his demo painting beforehand other than drawing it out prior to the demo. As he works fairly flat & wet he came prepared with his own camera, lighting & projector.

The reference photo

Paul's initial drawing in 6B pencil on Saunders Waterford Rough 300lb paper. He explained that he had simplified it slightly, leaving out parts of the background that he didn't feel added to the painting.

Apologies for the glare on some of the pictures - Paul had a very bright light, very wet paint and the photos were taken from the projected image.

Paul used scale dividers to get the proportions right when scaling up his photo. He brought several along for sale & quickly sold out.

Having worked out the lightest values, Paul worked his way down to cover all the paper. Starting with Cerulean Blue for the sky he progressed onto Yellow Ochre for the trees with some Burnt Sienna & Sap Green; Yellow Ochre & Burnt Sienna on the buildings with a bit of splatter for texture.

Winsor Blue, Alizarin Crimson & Burnt Sienna for the road.

Paul's palette - he said he tends to use watercolour neat & mixes on the paper.

Indulging in the dark arts !!

Sap Green & Cadmium Yellow for the central fern.

Yellow Ochre + for the wall.

Detail on the main focal point

Paul sprayed the distant hills with water to give a softer effect.

He occasionally sprayed areas to make the colours run and added darks - mostly by using neat paint on a damp brush.

More detail on the focal point - shadows from the trees on the buildings & white gouache on the sign.

Almost there.

Paul and the finished picture. He said he usually let the painting dry for a couple of days before deciding whether it needed more attention. He did do a bit of tweaking & the final result is on his Facebook page.

Because the image was so large on screen & partly due to the glare of the spotlight it was difficult to see exactly what Paul was doing during some of the wetter bits of painting. It was only when I took the final photo that the full extent of the detail was apparent - until then it wasn't obvious exactly what he was doing to the dry stone wall from where I was sitting.

Bold & dynamic it definitely was and Paul managed the right balance of information & painting as the room was fairly quiet - always a good sign !

You can see more of Paul's work on his website