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Demo May 2017 - Andrew Geeson

Demo Evening ReportsPosted by Maggie Goodsell Thu, May 18, 2017 04:14PM
Demonstration 2nd May 2017 - Andrew Geeson, Loose Watercolour Flowers

Report by Maggie Goodsell

Andrew started by telling us a bit about himself & his methods. He said he had been a botanical illustrator since 1991 but 4 years ago, in need of a change, he taught himself to paint loosely. He said he thought it would be an easy thing to do but was several months before he worked out a style that suited him.

Andrew made a sketch of his subject using a few dots to position it on the paper, only joining them with a loose broken line when he was happy it looked right. The paper was Arches 140lb which he said he doesn't stretch - preferring to use the cockling to good effect.

Adding water to the flower area. Andrew changes his brush size to suit the size of painting. For this he mostly used a size 16 with a 3 for detail - both synthetic. He said the large brush size keeps him working loose.

Andrew said that he prefers to mix his colours on the paper, allowing them to bleed together and working light to dark. He prefers student colours as he finds they blend together better.

Andrew wet the foliage area, making sure the water didn't touch the still wet flowers. Once the area was painted he used the brush to lightly flick foliage paint up into the flowers.

The pot was worked in the same way.

Adding the background, Andrew again making sure the new paint didn't touch the areas already done until he wanted it to.

The finished pot of lavender.

Wetting the petals on a second painting.

Adding colour

Andrew uses the torn edge of kitchen roll to remove excess paint.

The finished sunflowers - complete with bees.

Andrew with both paintings

An interesting demonstration which hopefully inspired the group to give this method a go.

Because of the amount of water he uses Andrew has to work flat - so the camera & screen came into it's own for this demonstration. We positioned it over Andrew's shoulder & only occasionally had to remind him that we couldn't see through him !!

Some of Andrew's other paintings