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Demo Oct 2017 - Terry Chipp - textured acrylic

Demo Evening ReportsPosted by Maggie Goodsell Sun, November 05, 2017 06:13PM
Demonstration 3rd October 2017 - Textured Acrylic by Terry Chipp

Report by Maggie Goodsell

Terry started by showing us an example of the type of picture he was going to do and explaining his technique.

He showed us how he uses a stencil & gesso scraped on with a palette knife ...

... to create a raised shape. This must then be left to dry properly.

You can see the raised area of a door knocker in this picture. Terry was using a Frisk canvas.

Terry wet the canvas & then blocked in the colours using Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna & Burnt Umber with damp kitchen roll ...

... adding Phthalo Blue Green shades to the mix.

He then blended this.

The next stage was lifting out colour with a damp cloth.

Terry painted the shadows in with a brush, using his fingers to blend & soften the colours.

Terry used a small stencil to put the screws in ...

... and then toned them down.

He used Cadmium Red Deep on the knocker ...

.... and then Yellow Ochre for the highlights. Each time he paints something Terry then blends & smudges with his fingers.

The painting so far.

Detail on one of the panels.

Terry added a purple & red mix, dragged over the door crosswise to bring out the grain of the wood. He then decided that the top right panel needed 'something'.

He used a stencil to put some random lettering on the panel .....

... dabbing the paint on with wet tissue. He got through a lot of kitchen roll on this painting!!

Terry thought the lettering looked a bit stark ...

... so toned it down by dabbing paint over it.

The keyhole. Terry said that adding a few cracks in the wood makes it instantly look more realistic.

The finished picture - one that I would happily hang on my wall.

Terry with the finished painting which shows the size.

An excellent & informative demonstration by Terry.

Some of Terry's other paintings that he brought along.

The painting on the left is the one Terry did the last time he visited us.