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Demo August 2017 - Naomi Clements-Wright, Floral Oil Painting

Demo Evening ReportsPosted by Maggie Goodsell Tue, August 08, 2017 05:03PM
Demonstration 1st August 2017 - Floral oil painting by Naomi Clements-Wright

Report by Maggie Goodsell

Naomi started by showing us how she set out her palette with strings of various shades of each colour. She said she prefers Michael Harding & Winsor & Newton oil paints.

Working on a primed aluminium board, Naomi roughly drew out the subject with paint thinned with turps. The subject was hydrangeas in a vase with apples.

Naomi then painted the darkest areas of the picture which in this case were the leaves.

She then switched to paler greens for the leaves & apples.

Adding highlights to the background to set the tone & then some shadows

Naomi then started putting some colour into the flowers

Some highlights on the flowers

Naomi said she had been unsure as to whether to include a distant darker background but finally decided she liked the contrast it gave

Although not apparent on the photo the white cloth was painted in shades of very pale yellow

Naomi said that a painting this size would normally take her 2 days to complete so she regarded this as a painting to be finished.

Naomi with the 'finished' painting & the subject

Naomi very kindly sent an image of the painting after she had finished it - the first demonstrator to do so!

Although an established artist this was Naomi's first demonstration - which everyone enjoyed. My only criticism would be that while painting she didn't always involve us in what she was doing.

Appreciating that it isn't an easy balance to talk, answer questions and get a painting completed in 2 hours, a demonstration does seem to flow better if enough information is given to pre-empt questions.

More of Naomi's paintings