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AGM & Demo - 6th March

NoticesPosted by Maggie Goodsell Sat, March 03, 2018 04:09PM

AGM & demonstration

The AGM starts at 7pm - volunteers needed to join the committee.

This will be followed by

Stephen Martyn who will be painting a Norfolk scene using a limited watercolour palette at the March meeting

Tuesday 6th March at Pinchbeck Village Hall, Knight Street, nr Spalding, PE11 3RB

members £2.50, visitors £4.50 inc tea & coffee.

7.30pm – 9.30pm. All welcome - doors open at 7pm

Dec 2017 Demo - Howling Wolf by Vic Bearcroft

Demo Evening ReportsPosted by Maggie Goodsell Thu, January 25, 2018 10:48AM
Demonstration 5th December 2018 - 'Howling Wolf' Wildlife Pastel by Vic Bearcroft

Report by Maggie Goodsell

Vic said he would be doing a pastel painting on black velour using a limited range of just four colours - blue, sanguine, white & black. He said he prefers a harder pastel as they are better on velour and that velour will take many layers of pastel.

Vic took this picture of a North American wolf called Nuka at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust in Berkshire. He said that the black velour background would give a more dramatic & atmospheric picture.

The initial sketch using a white pastel. Vic did this freehand but said you could use white Tracedown.

Starting a tonal sketch

Blending into the pile of the velour

Blocking in the fur using the flat side of the pastel and blending. Vic said that you need to be patient when working on black velour as it takes several layers to make an impression.

Vic called this the 'Slapping on Stage' or Stage 3 in his process. Blocking in colour without too much thought.

Vic blended in the blue & added sanguine.

More blending

Stage 4 - More white pastel to give shape & texture to the fur. Vic said that since winning a competition with a looser style than his old almost 'photographic' style he now doesn't spend days painting individual hairs on animals, preferring to give a general impression of texture with just a few tweaks at the end.

Using black pastel to tighten up areas & to strengthen shadows. Vic said that you can blow excess dust off the velour but be very careful not to spit on it as this will irreversibly damage the pile.

Adding some detail. Vic said to note that when wolves howl they do not show their top teeth.

Stage 5. Vic defined the teeth & eye & added some atmospheric breath - it is after all in the cold tundra.

Vic and the finished painting.

An excellent & entertaining demo from Vic who showed that less can be more.


NoticesPosted by Maggie Goodsell Tue, December 19, 2017 09:27AM
Reminder to members that there is NO "SACS at the Hub" meeting today & no January demo. The next Hub meeting is on the 16th Jan, the next demo is the 6th February

December demo - Vic Bearcroft

NoticesPosted by Maggie Goodsell Sun, December 03, 2017 09:22AM
Award winning wildlife artist artist Vic Bearcroft is the demonstrator at our December meeting - visitors welcome.
Reminder to members to bring along your entries for the December Challenge
Tuesday 5th December at Pinchbeck Village Hall, Knight Street, nr Spalding, PE11 3RB
members £2.50, visitors £4.50 inc mince pies, tea & coffee.
7.30pm – 9.30pm. All welcome - doors open at 7pm

Demo Nov 2017 - Jane Lazenby - pencil & acrylic

Demo Evening ReportsPosted by Maggie Goodsell Thu, November 30, 2017 11:21PM
Demonstration 7th November 2017

A Runaway Horse called Sebastian - Pencil & Acrylic by Jane Lazenby

Report by Maggie Goodsell

Jane started by telling us a bit about her background and how she likes to work - apparently she usually paints sitting cross legged on the floor!

The subject of the demo was to be a horse called Sebastian, who had decided that he had had enough of performing at a show & took flight. Jane said she was just in the right place to take the photo.

Jane said that normally she would just draw the subject and make alterations as she went. The time constraints of a demo make this impractical so she used trace-down for the image.

Using Derwent Coloursoft pencils on mountboard, Jane started to lay down an underdrawing. She said she keeps turning the pencil to maintain it's point.

Drawing complete

Using Atelier Interactive Acrylics, Jane started blocking in the background with a Burnt Umber / Winsor Blue mix ....

... using the same colours on the horse.

Jane working on some highlights

Colour was then added to the horse using mixes of Cobalt, Cerulean & Pacific blues with Magenta & White. Jane said Sebastian doesn't have a deformed mane - it is tied up in braids as he has a very long flowing mane which can get in the way.

Adding more detail & colour in stages

Jane returned to pencil for a bit to tighten up some areas but found the lack of tooth on the mountboard a problem so switched back to acrylics & a finer brush.

Using acrylics, Jane extended the background area.

Jane, the finished painting & the original photo.

An interesting & enjoyable demonstration - Jane's love of horses came through very strongly.

A selection of Jane's paintings. She said that the more detailed ones were commissions, the looser ones were how she likes to paint for herself

SACS at the HUB

Tuition & WorkshopsPosted by Maggie Goodsell Sun, November 19, 2017 09:27PM
Don't forget - SACS at the HUB 'paint together'
Come & join us for a lively afternoon. If you haven't already done it, this is a good opportunity to do your painting for the December Challenge.
Tuesday 21st November.
1.30 - 4pm at the Pinchbeck Community Hub & Library.
Members £3, guests £4

December Challenge

NoticesPosted by Maggie Goodsell Sun, November 12, 2017 01:41PM
December Challenge - get those brushes out !!

As members will know from their newsletter, the December Challenge this year is to create a picture 12"x4.5" for the Facebook banner - your choice of subject.
The FB banner is changed monthly to that month's demonstration. As we have no meeting in January we need some pictures.

Four paintings will be chosen from the entries brought in to the December meeting. To encourage members to take part, whatever their ability, the four will be selected by random draw rather than being judged. The banner will be changed weekly on Facebook
The painted area must be 12"x 4.5" as per the example shown below. Entries can be brought as is but if you choose to frame please don't frame behind glass as it makes it impossible to take photos.

It would be interesting to hear from entrants why they chose to paint what they did. We are an Arts & Crafts society so it would be nice if we had some 'non painting' entries so long as they meet the spec.

If you can't be at the meeting then get another member to bring your entry in - there is no excuse for not entering !!

Demo Oct 2017 - Terry Chipp - textured acrylic

Demo Evening ReportsPosted by Maggie Goodsell Sun, November 05, 2017 06:13PM
Demonstration 3rd October 2017 - Textured Acrylic by Terry Chipp

Report by Maggie Goodsell

Terry started by showing us an example of the type of picture he was going to do and explaining his technique.

He showed us how he uses a stencil & gesso scraped on with a palette knife ...

... to create a raised shape. This must then be left to dry properly.

You can see the raised area of a door knocker in this picture. Terry was using a Frisk canvas.

Terry wet the canvas & then blocked in the colours using Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna & Burnt Umber with damp kitchen roll ...

... adding Phthalo Blue Green shades to the mix.

He then blended this.

The next stage was lifting out colour with a damp cloth.

Terry painted the shadows in with a brush, using his fingers to blend & soften the colours.

Terry used a small stencil to put the screws in ...

... and then toned them down.

He used Cadmium Red Deep on the knocker ...

.... and then Yellow Ochre for the highlights. Each time he paints something Terry then blends & smudges with his fingers.

The painting so far.

Detail on one of the panels.

Terry added a purple & red mix, dragged over the door crosswise to bring out the grain of the wood. He then decided that the top right panel needed 'something'.

He used a stencil to put some random lettering on the panel .....

... dabbing the paint on with wet tissue. He got through a lot of kitchen roll on this painting!!

Terry thought the lettering looked a bit stark ...

... so toned it down by dabbing paint over it.

The keyhole. Terry said that adding a few cracks in the wood makes it instantly look more realistic.

The finished picture - one that I would happily hang on my wall.

Terry with the finished painting which shows the size.

An excellent & informative demonstration by Terry.

Some of Terry's other paintings that he brought along.

The painting on the left is the one Terry did the last time he visited us.

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