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SACS at the Hub

Tuition & WorkshopsPosted by Maggie Goodsell Sun, April 15, 2018 11:53PM
SACS at the HUB 'paint together'
Come & join us for a lively afternoon. An ideal opportunity to paint your postcard for the Spring Challenge or Tulips for the competition
Tuesday 17th April
1.30 - 4pm at the Pinchbeck Community Hub & Library.
Members £3, guests £4

SACS at Springfields Events Centre

ExhibitionsPosted by Maggie Goodsell Wed, April 11, 2018 09:50AM
SACS committee are putting on a display to promote the society at the Lincolnshire Daffodil Show, 14th - 15th April in the Springfields Events Centre.

We will be raffling the painting Vic Bearcroft kindly donated to the society. Tickets only £1 each.

1st Prize - Howling Wolf by Vic Bearcroft
2nd Prize - box of summer flowering bulbs
3rd Prize - bottle of Chardonnay

Please come along for information about the society, chat to us, buy a raffle ticket or buy an original painting by a local artist.

Tulipfest - Tulip painting competition

NoticesPosted by Maggie Goodsell Sun, April 08, 2018 09:23AM
Tulipfest - Tulip painting competition

All members should have received an email with details of the challenges & exhibitions for the next couple of months along with an entry form attached.

The entry form has all the details about the Tulip painting competition. The deadline for entries is the 1st May so please get your thinking caps on & your brushes in action.

April 2018 Demo - Still Life in Oils by Jerome Hunt

NoticesPosted by Maggie Goodsell Mon, April 02, 2018 10:35AM
Jerome Hunt is the demonstrator for our April meeting - he will be painting a Still Life in oils

Come & get inspiration for the postcard challenge.

Also SACS & Spalding Horticultural Society will be announcing a new competition for members with prizes !

Tuesday 3rd April at Pinchbeck Village Hall, Knight Street, nr Spalding, PE11 3RB
members £2.50, visitors £4.50 inc tea & coffee.
7.30pm – 9.30pm. All welcome - doors open at 7pm

March 2018 Demo - Cley Mill by Stephen Martyn

Demo Evening ReportsPosted by Maggie Goodsell Sun, April 01, 2018 10:44PM

Demonstration 6th March 2018 - Cley Mill - watercolour by Stephen Martyn

Report by Maggie Goodsell

Stephen told us that he would be doing a watercolour tonal work of Cley Mill using just two colours - Winsor & Newton French Ultramarine Blue & Brown Madder. He said he would be working on half imperial Saunders Waterford 300gsm (140lb) paper - this being his workaday paper - and would use a range of brushes but mostly his preferred squirrel.

Stephen made a loose drawing of the subject using a 2B pencil.

He said it is difficult but important to get the proportions of the windmill right - don't overdraw the sails & make sure everything is correct before starting painting.

Working flat Stephen wet the paper using a no 4 squirrel mop. He had the paper fixed to the board with masking tape at the corners - as the paper cockled slightly he gently lifted a corner at a time, making sure to only take the tape off the board not the paper, and eased it out to stretch it a bit. He did this several times whilst wetting the paper.

He said to re-wet any bits that have dried too fast & then wait until it is just damp.

Stephen made up a range of mixes & tones and then, still working flat, he painted the whole paper

Varying the tones ...

.... adding clouds on the horizon,

using a drier mix for the foreground.

Stephen said he wasn't going to make the sky too busy as that would detract from the main focal point of the windmill.

He was quite pleased with how the paint had run giving the effect of grasses.

He then lifted out paint from the windmill and started on the buildings.

After adding trees to the village ....

..... Stephen painted the mill and the distant bank.

He added the tail fin & the cap before painting the sails with a drier mix.

In the finished painting Stephen has strengthened the shadows & the middle trees and removed some of the smudges in the sky - teasing them out with a damp brush. Having struggled to lift enough paint from the windmill to expose the white paper Stephen painted the highlights on the cap with W&N Designers White Gouache.

An excellent demonstration from Stephen - we could even hear him when his back was towards us !! We look forward to his next visit.

Spring Postcard Challenge

NoticesPosted by Maggie Goodsell Sat, March 17, 2018 01:36PM
Spring postcard challenge for members of SACS - Still Life in portrait format

SACS at the Hub

Tuition & WorkshopsPosted by Maggie Goodsell Sat, March 17, 2018 01:32PM

Something to look forward to in this dismal weather - SACS at the HUB 'paint together'

Come & join us for a lively afternoon.
An ideal opportunity to paint your postcard for the Spring Challenge.

Tuesday 20th March

1.30 - 4pm at the Pinchbeck Community Hub & Library.

Members £3, guests £4

Feb 2018 Demo, French café by Peter Wood

Demo Evening ReportsPosted by Maggie Goodsell Sun, March 04, 2018 09:45AM
Demonstration report, 6th February 2018, Peter Wood - French Café, acrylics

by Maggie Goodsell

Peter started the evening by giving us a rapid talk about himself & what he does, his exhibitions & courses and an insight into all the different media there are and how to best use them - we were exhausted !!

Peter came with a ready prepared drawing on white canvas. He said that he starts loose & finishes tight, working what he called his jigsaw method - having the right colours & the right shapes.

Using a ½” flat brush Peter started blocking in colour - he said to paint shapes & colours, rather than what is there.

Peter said that when you have paint left on your brush, don't just wash it off - look for somewhere else in the paintings you can use it.

Peter likes to keep the whole painting going at once.

He worked through the coffee break to get rid of the white background. Once that was gone Peter said he would have a better idea of the tonal values.

Peter brought out the shapes by working darks around them.

Adding highlights with a smaller brush.

The finished picture

A couple of Peter's other paintings

An interesting demonstration showing how to plan a painting & bring it all together at the end.

Peter filmed the demonstration - click on the link to see it on YouTube

Observations on the demonstration

The first half hour of the evening was, as I said, a rapid delivery of a huge amount of facts that left us all a bit dazed. Peter seems to do everything at the gallop but maybe it would be better to reduce the amount of information so that the audience have some chance of retaining any of it.

In common with many demonstrators Peter, when not facing the audience, was much less audible. I am not deaf but even sitting on the front row I struggled to hear what was being said. I know that others further back heard virtually nothing.

We do have a microphone & although not perfect, I think this should be used at all times.

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