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SACS at the HubTuition & Workshops

Posted by Maggie Goodsell Sat, July 14, 2018 04:36PM

Any members inspired by Lynn Norris' negative painting there's a mini challenge at the Hub next week. There will be some flower photos available & a hairdryer.
Refresh your memory by looking at the blog post below

SACS at the HUB 'paint together' Tuesday 17th July
Come & join us for a lively afternoon of painting & chat - tea & coffee included
1.30 - 4pm at the Pinchbeck Community Hub & Library.
Members £3, guests £4

July 2018 Demo - Lynn Norris, Watercolour FlowersDemo Evening Reports

Posted by Maggie Goodsell Sat, July 07, 2018 09:49PM

Demonstration 3rd July 2018 - Watercolour flowers by Lynn Norris

Report by Maggie Goodsell

Blog image

Lynn said she would be demonstrating negative painting technique. She was working on Saunders Waterford 140lb paper, using SAA Silver brushes & Winsor & Newton watercolour paints. Lynn said she prefers to work on a paper block rather than single sheets as she finds it suits her wet in wet technique better. Her colours were mostly Gamboge, Permanent Rose, Cobalt Blue, Quinacridone Gold, Winsor Blue Red Shade, Perylene Violet & Perylene Green

As she works flat Lynn uses a camera, projector & screen so everyone can see what she is doing. Unfortunately this does mean that the photos are mostly taken from the screen and the colour rendition isn't always correct. The photos have been edited to give a truer feel but there are limits to my editing ability !

Blog imageThe initial drawing - Lynn was working from a photograph.

Blog imageLynn started by wetting the whole sheet of paper .....

Blog image.... and painted some warm & cool colours in the flowers.

Blog imageAfter drying with a hairdryer Lynn then wet the background for the negative painting.

Blog imageAs it was such a warm day she worked in sections around the painting trying not to get hard edges. She painted yellows ...

Blog image........ followed by greens, mostly mixing the paint on the paper - working round the flowers to define their shapes.

Blog imageThis was the view we had - it shows how the painting is building up as a whole and the reference photo.

Blog imageDefining the flowers more by adding darker areas.

Blog imageLynn hard at work !!

Blog imageAfter this stage Lynn dried the painting thoroughly. She said that it is better to be left to dry naturally for at least 2 hours but 24 is better. This allows the paint to settle and fix into the cotton fibres of the paper - which means that the colours don't lift when the painting is re-wetted.

Blog imageLynn gradually built up areas of green, wetting an area at a time. She used a natural fibre brush for the re-wetting as this doesn't lift the grain of the paper as much as a synthetic would. Lynn also added a few areas of salt to give texture.

Blog imageHalfway - time for a cup of tea.

Blog imageThe next stage was to add some 'positive' leaves to the painting, always following the 'rule' of odd numbers - in this case Lynn put in 7.

Blog imageWorking on the background flowers & buds - making sure they don't stand out too much.

Blog imageWorking on the main flower - Lynn said to remember that it is a white flower so don't overdo the colour.

Blog imageYou can see the areas where salt was added quite clearly in this photo.

Blog imageThe finished picture.

An excellent demonstration from Lynn. I'm sure many of us were inspired to go home & try the technique.

June 2018 Demo - Peter Barker - oilsDemo Evening Reports

Posted by Maggie Goodsell Mon, July 02, 2018 01:26PM

5th June 2018 - The River Welland near Rutland - an Oil painting demonstration by Peter Barker

Report by Maggie Goodsell

Peter and the finished painting
Blog image

Progressive pictures

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image
The finished painting

Blog image

The original photograph

Blog image

An excellent demonstration from Peter.

July 2018 Demo - Lynn Norris, watercolour flowersNotices

Posted by Maggie Goodsell Sun, July 01, 2018 09:42PM

Our demonstrator for Tuesday is Lynn Norris, watercolour flowers.
Tuesday 3rd July at Pinchbeck Village Hall, Knight Street, nr Spalding, PE11 3RB
members £2.50, visitors £4.50 inc tea & coffee.
7.30pm – 9.30pm. All welcome - doors open at 7pm

May 2018 Demo - Stan HurrDemo Evening Reports

Posted by Maggie Goodsell Sat, June 02, 2018 11:13PM

Demonstration 1st May 2018 - pastel & charcoal portraits by Stan Hurr

Report by Maggie Goodsell

Stan Hurr gave us an excellent packed evening of portraits.

Blog image

The first was a pastel, the second a charcoal & the third was a very quick charcoal caricature.

The basic concept was the same in all

- A2 Great Art paper

- lay down a basic drawing making sure it is well placed on the paper

- apply & blend the pastels / charcoal as needed

- lift light areas with a putty rubber

- correct the proportions as you go

- fix with hair spray at regular intervals

Stan kindly donated the portraits to the sitters.

Pastel portrait of Beverley Healey

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image

Charcoal portrait of Arthur Beever

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image

Caricature of Cherylyn Marriner

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image

Stan said he likes to hone his skills doing quick portraits in shopping centres.

Tulipfest 2018 - Entrants & winnersExhibitions

Posted by Maggie Goodsell Tue, May 08, 2018 10:38AM

The winners & other entrants to our Tulip painting competition at Tulipfest, Springfields Festival Gardens, Spalding.
Thanks to Spalding Horticultural Society for sponsoring the competition and all the artists for their excellent entries

Blog imageBlog image

May Demo - Stan Hurr, Pastel PortraitNotices

Posted by Maggie Goodsell Sun, April 29, 2018 05:22PM

Stan Hurr will be demonstrating a pastel portrait at our May meeting.

Please remember to bring your Still Life postcards & your entries into the Tulipfest competition (painting & entry form) Entries should not be framed or mounted.

Tuesday 1st May at Pinchbeck Village Hall, Knight Street, nr Spalding, PE11 3RB
members £2.50, visitors £4.50 inc tea & coffee.
7.30pm – 9.30pm. All welcome - doors open at 7pm

April 2018 Demo - Still Life in Oils By Jerome HuntDemo Evening Reports

Posted by Maggie Goodsell Sat, April 28, 2018 10:35PM

Demonstration 3rd April 2018 - Still Life in Oils By Jerome Hunt

Report by Maggie Goodsell

An interesting & informative evening with Jerome Hunt demonstrating the techniques he uses when painting a Still Life.

Blog image

Jerome started by telling us a bit about himself & his techniques. He said he usually works his Still Life fairly small often using mundane objects like jars & plastic bottles as subject matter.

Blog image

Jerome had his subject in a well lit box - he said that the right lighting is very important.

Blog image

The subject from Jerome's viewpoint. He chose tulips as he was in Spalding and said it looks better if things are in odd numbers.

Blog image

Jerome did a rough initial drawing with paint.

Blog image

Then, using a cloth, applied Burnt Umber to the negative spaces.

Blog image

He added Payne's Grey to the mix for the darker areas and constantly re-defined the subject.

Blog image

Jerome then used a flat hogs hair brush to paint in the highlights to give himself a reference point.

Blog image

Adding colour and shadows. Jerome said to note that round objects give elliptical shadows.

Blog image

Jerome constantly re-defined the subject either by adding paint to the objects or tightening up the background.

Blog image

Tackling the water - Jerome said to remember that because of refraction stems in the water appear to be offset to the stem above the water.

Blog image

Jerome adding highlights with a smaller brush.

Blog image

The finished painting.

Blog image

Jerome Hunt & his Still Life oil painting.

Blog image

The frame really shows it off well

Blog image

Jerome using one of his paintings to show a technique

A selection of Jerome's Still Life paintings
Blog imageBlog image